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TeamPlayed WonDrewLostPoints
Hesleden Workmens Club302622312
Houghton Comrades302316288
Hartlepool Victoria Arms302415280
Hetton Shepherds302145274
Easington Colliery Club B302244266
Coxhoe Red Lion302028261
Easington Lane Bonnie Pit Lad3015312219
Peterlee Helford Road Pavilion3014313217
Shotton Comrades3012513210
Wheatley Hill WMC3011316204
Blackhall R.A.F.A.3011415199
Horden Comrades308220165
Peterlee Hearts of Oak B306321160
Peterlee Hearts of Oak A304224133
Easington Colliery Club A30212794
Peterlee Acre Rigg Social30102978

                                          FINAL STATS

Paul Jennings Hesleden 11 Darts

Paul Jennings Hesleden X19

Alan Patterson Houghton Coms 170

Rob Wild Hearts B  12 Darts

Paddy Lenagh Red Lion X14

Gerry Hall Easington B 160

Dick Young Shepherds 13 Darts

Craig Anderson Pit Lad X10

Alan Stokoe Shotton Coms 158

Dave Price Pit Lad 13 Darts

Gary Packard Shotton Coms X9

Paul Jennings Hesleden 152

Kevin Elliott Houghton Coms 13 Darts

Dick Young Shepherds X8

Paul Jennings Hesleden 150

Gerry Hall Easington B 13 Darts

Mathew Hodgson Pavillion X6

Barry Hunter Hesleden 149

Paul Jennings Hesleden 13 Darts x2

Graeme Hills Shepherds X6

John Cairns Red Lion 148

Dave Price Pit Lad 14 Darts

Alan Stokoe Shotton Coms X5

Gary Storey Red Lion 147

Paddy Lenagh Red Lion 14 Darts x3

Paul Cartwright Easington B X5

Paul Cartwright Easington B 142

Paul Jennings Hesleden 14 Darts x2

Dave Hunter Hesleden X5

Allan Riley Hesleden 141

Dennis Grey Shepherds 14 Darts x2

Linda Ithurralde Red Lion X5

Paddy Lenagh Red Lion 140

Dave Hunter Hesleden 14 Darts X2

Gerry Hall Easington B X5

Paul Hope Shotton Coms 140

Paul Cartwright Easington B  14 Darts X2

Eddy Duffy Victoria Arms X5

Paul Jennings Hesleden 136

Greame Hills Shepherds 14 Darts x2

Dave Prins Easington B X5

Owen Hall Wheatley Hill 135

Dave Prins Easington B 14 Darts x2

Ian Whittaker Houghton Coms X4

Rob Wild Hearts B 134

Gerry Hall Easington B 14 Darts x2

Liam Carr Wheatley Hill X4

Paul Jennings Hesleden 134

Chris Bradley Victoria Arms  14 Darts

Sean Potts Pavillion X4

Gary Turnbull Horden Coms 132

Alan Stokoe Shotton Coms 14 Darts

Paul Clark RAFA X4

Gary Storey Red Lion 130

Alan Patterson Houghton Coms 14 Darts

Eddies Ashman Shepherds X4

Simon Dobson Wheatley Hill  130

Rob Turnbull Horden Coms 14 Darts

Dave Price Pit Lad X3

Mathew Hodgson Pavillion 130

Micky Calvert Houghton Coms 14 Dart

Alan Patterson Houghton Coms X3

Allan Riley Hesleden 127

Eddie Ashman Shepherds 14 Darts

Gary Storey Red Lion X3

Shaun Phipson Hesleden128

Barry Hunter Hesleden 14 Darts

Barry Hunter Hesleden X3

Gary Storey Red Lion 127

Rob Wild Hearts B 14 Darts

Micky Calvert Houghton Coms X3

Gary Storey Red Lion 126

Paddy Lenagh Red Lion 15 Darts x5

Dennis Grey Shepherds X3

Cameron Anderson Pit Lad 125

Dave Hunter Hesleden 15 Darts x4

Andy Barnfield Victoria Arms X3

Ian Whittaker Houghton Coms  124

Dick Young Shepherds 15 Darts x4

John Hardman Hesleden X3

Alan Stokoe Shotton Coms 124

Craig Anderson Pit Lad 15 Darts x3

Rob Wild Hearts B X3

Dennis Grey Shepherds  123

Paul Jennings Hesleden 15 Darts X3

Phil Tanney RAFA X3

Malcolm Mitcheson Acre Rigg 123

Allan Riley Hesleden 15 Darts X3

Paul Hope Shotton Coms X3

George Hodgson Pavillion 122

Dave Prins Easington B 15 Darts

Cameron Andersen Pit Lad X2

Dave Blyth Wheatley Hill 122

Linda Ithurralde Red Lion  15 Darts

Gordon Chapman Acre Rigg X2

Mathew Hodgson Pavillion 122

Eddie Duffy Vic Arms 15 Darts

Sid Urwin Easington B X2

Liam Carr Wheatley Hill 122

Gerry Hall Easington B 15 Darts x2

George Hodgson Pavillion X2

John Cairns Red Lion 121

Ian Whittaker Houghton Coms 15 Darts x2

Reece Allison Easington B X2

Steve Naunton Pit Lad 120

Cameron Anderson Pit Lad 15 Darts

David Blyth Wheatley Hill X2

Allan Riley Hesleden 120

John Storey Houghton Coms 15 Darts

Micky Leigh Wheatley Hill X2

Paddy Lenagh Red Lion  120

John Scullion Shotton Coms 15 Darts

Steve Naunton Pit Lad X2

Gerry Hall Easington B 120

Reece Allinson Easington B 15 Darts

Tommy Bradshaw Shotton Coms X2

Mathew Hodgson Pavillion 120

Alan Stokoe Shotton Coms 15 Darts

Steve Lawson RAFA X2

Graeme Hills Shepherds 119

Paul Clark RAFA 15 Darts

Kevin Elliott Houghton Coms X2

Simon Dobson Wheatley Hill  119

Rob Wild Hearts B 15 Darts

David Price Hearts B X2

Liam Carr Wheatley Hill 118

Alan Patterson Houghton Coms 15 Darts

Simon Dobson Wheatley Hill X2

Gary Packard Shotton Coms 118

John Hardman Hesleden 15 Darts

Gary Turnbull Horden Coms X2

Eddie Ashman Shepherds118

Mark Thompson Victoria Arms 15 Darts

Allan Riley Hesleden X1

Craig Anderson Pit Lad 118

Kevin Elliott Houghton Coms 15 Darts

Rob Lyons Hearts B X1

Paul Clark RAFA 117

Steve Lawson RAFA 15 Darts

Nigel Bradwell Victoria Arms X1

Ian Whittaker Houghton Coms  117

Paddy Lenagh Red Lion 16 Darts  x4

Colin Simm Horden Coms X1

Neil Haynes Shotton Coms 117

Mark Thompson Victoria Arms 16 Darts x2

Rob Turnbull Horden Coms X1

Judith Morrison Shepherds 116

Ian Whittaker Houghton Coms 16 Darts X2

John Scullion Shotton Coms X1

Dennis Grey Shepherds 114

Dick Young Shepherds 16 Darts x2

Tony Seed Horden Coms X1

Will Neave Acre Rigg 114

Linda Ithurralde Red Lion 16 Darts x2

Marty Wild Hearts B X1

Alan Riley Hesleden 114

Eddie Duffy Victoria Arms 16 Darts

Darren Carter Wheatley Hill X1

Dave Price Pit Lad 114

Mathew Hodgson Pavillion 16 Darts

Paul Laverick Houghton Coms X1

Andy Barnfield Victoria Arms 113

Kevin Guy Shepherds 16 Darts

Ronnie Watson Acre Rigg X1

Dave Hunter Hesleden 112

Alan Riley Hesleden 16 Darts

Chris Bradley Vic Arms X1

Steve Bland Hearts 112

Jeff Harrison Houghton Coms 16 Darts x2

Mick Evans Hesleden X1

Andy Barnfield Victoria Arms 112

Chris Bradley Victoria Arms 16 Darts

Andy Cummings Hearts A X1

Phil Tanney RAFA 112

Eddie Ashman Shepherds 16 Darts X2

Will Chaplow Houghton Coms X1

Gary Packard Shotton Coms 112

Ian Browning Hearts B 16 Darts

Barry Muncaster Houghton Coms X1

Reece Allison Easington B 112

Alan Pattison Houghton Coms 16 Darts

Jeff Harrison Houghton Coms X1

Gary Storey Red Lion 112

Micky Calvert Houghton Coms 16 Darts

David Stanley Horden Coms X1

Simon Dobson Wheatley Hill  110

Paul Jennings Hesleden 16 Darts x4

Sam Hammond Wheatley Hill x1

Chris Bradley Victoria Arms  110

Micky Leigh Wheatley Hill 16 Darts X3

Stu Clark Hearts A x1

Greame Hills Shepherds  110

Paul Clark RAFA 16 Darts x5

Allan Riley Hesleden  110

Dave Prins Easington B 16 Darts

Micky Leigh Wheatley Hill 100

Sean Potts Pavillion 16 Darts

Micky Naunton Pit Lad 110

Craig Anderson Pit Lad 16 Darts X3

Will Neave Hearts 109

John Hardman Hesleden 16 Darts

Duggie Stevenson Pavillion 108

Gary Turnbull Hoeden Coms 16 Darts

Alan Stokoe Shotton Coms 108

Graeme Hills Shepherds 16 Darts

David Price Hearts B 107

Barry Hunter Hesleden 16 Darts X2

Judith Morrison Shepherds 107

Andy Barnfield Victoria Arms 16 Darts

Sean Potts Pavillion 106

Alan Patterson Houghton Coms 16 Darts

Ian Whittaker Houghton 106

Phil Tanney RAFA 16 Darts

Paul Jennings Hesleden  105

John Scullion Shotton Coms 16 Darts

Ian Browning Hearts B  105

Dave Price Pit Lad 16 Darts x2

Mathew Hodgson Pavillion 105

Dave Price Pit Lad 104

Kevin Elliott Houghton Coms 104

Alan Patterson Houghton Coms 104

Steve Lawson RAFA 104

Will Neave Hearts B  104

Colin Simm Horden Coms 104

Chris Bradley Victoria Arms 103

Eddie Ashman Shepherds 103

John Hardman Hesleden 103

Shaun Hauxwell Wheatley Hill 102

Kevin Elliott Houghton Coms 102

Dave Price Pit Lad 102

Mark Thompson Victoria Arms 101

Sean Potts Pavillion 100

Sid Urwin Easington B 100



Barry Hunter Hesleden 100


Ian Whittaker Houghton Coms X4

Gary Packard Shotton Coms 100


Liam Carr Wheatley Hill X4

Dave Prins Easington B 100


Sean Potts Pavillion X4

Eddy Duffy Victoria Arms 100



Will Chaplow Houghton Coms 100



John Hardman Hesleden 100